Tracy Petrucci: Reviews


"Thanks for the productive meeting -- Jared was so thankful. You are a very calm, patient and socratic teacher with these entrepreneurs -- I LOVE your style! Such an unintimidating and comforting presence as they are going through this particular learning curve. What a Pro!" -Julie C. (Marketing Consultant)

"I attended Tracey's Social Media 101 yesterday and feel so encouraged today! I you haven't taken one of Tracy's seminars I encourage you to do so!!!"

"Tracy is refreshingly honest in dispensing her Marketing content. I attended her workshop yesterday at Hera Hub in Carlsbad and it was packed with content I could apply right away." Naz

Class Comments:
"Tracy knows her stuff! Thank you for offering the class."

"Lots of information for 2 hours. Looking forward to taking next series of classes in May. Thanks! Would also love to take a class on LinkedIn."

"Tracy really knows her subject. She is funny and entertaining as well!"

"Tracy gives me the impression that she is both down to earth and has high standards. She seems trustworthy."

"Tracy is very knowledgable in her teachings of Facebook ads. I would definitely take another social media class with her. She is very patient and answers questions thoroughly."

"Tracy's practical knowledge of the subject was extremely impressive."

"My favorite part of the class was meeting Tracy, she is so knowledgeable."

"I'm convinced that Tracy knows what she's talking about, that she can accurately assess what people in the class need and want to know, and that she knows how to present material that is new (and potentially confusing) to many in the class."

DaVine Food & Wine- "Our customers tell us over and over how much they love our email marketing. Every week they can't wait to see what we're doing and they really look forward to the Thursday newsletter."

Suzanne Balestri via LinkedIn -

"I have been working with Tracy for the last 9 months and plan to continue as long as I can! She is an extremely passionate marketeer helping small businesses figure out how to communicate effectively to their ideal audience. She makes me feel like I am her only client with her quick response and her total, mental immersion in my business. She has been the strategic partner that I have needed to get my business off the ground. Her knowledge of how to maximize social media in today's business environment has put me on the page and her ideas of how to grow and add value to my product mix have been invaluable." 

Shaun Nath via LinkedIn - 
"Her passion for life, nature, and international business serve as an example of how to balance forces in life to create synergy. Tracy is incredibly resourceful in doing this and, in doing so, improves the life experience of those around her. Her marketing skills are enhanced by her ability to connect with people and get to the heart of what drives them. She has a powerful balance of creative and analytical thought."

Gary Oddou via LinkedIn - 
“She is an outstanding individual. She has high morals and will follow through with any commitment she makes. She is creative and thoughtful. Tracy is someone who has a very serviable nature and applies her skills to a variety of situations. She keeps current with her trade in social media marketing and is excellent at it. She has a great understanding of small businesses, having been part of a family business herself for many years and having helped many small businesses expand their marketing capabilities. She is very insightful about marketing and knows the social media outlets very well. If I were a small business owner, I would definitely want Tracy as part of my marketing team."

 Kevin Burns via LinkedIn - 
"Tracy was always a resource for me. When struggling with a new project or when faced with a difficult decision, I could always count on Tracy's thoughtful, innovative and creative perspective to help see me through. I still count on that perspective today."

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