Tracy Petrucci: Services


Outside of teaching, I also provide private and small group classes, consultations, and monthly marketing services. Interested in a scheduling a training, or want to learn more about my maintenance options? Contact me to see how we can work together.

Facebook Advertising: Do you need help getting ads to work for you? Are you tracking conversions, engagement, and targeting by performance? Don't just hit BOOST all day every day. Let's get you some strategy and RESULTS behind those ad dollars.

Social Media: There's no doubt about it- social media is important. But not every business needs everything, and together we can decide what's best for you to reach your goals. Some platforms work best with different industries, and you need to focus your areas depending on budget, time, and many other factors.

Email Marketing: From content creation to implementation, don't miss out on one of the BEST methods of marketing available right at your fingertips. Create an email marketing strategy to get your message to your customers, and nurture leads.

Consulting & Training: Want to learn how to do all of this great stuff yourself? I have a brand new selection of ........ options to empower you to learn from me and continue on a path of success by their own hand. Or maybe you just need a refresher course, and a few tips on what the newest marketing methods are.

  • Facebook Strategy Power Hour: Join me for an in-depth, one-hour session to learn how to create and manage your Facebook ad strategy. I will help you decide on marketing goals, ad objectives, pick a budget that works for you, create targeted audiences, and so much more. Click here to read more.
  • Beyond the Boost - Facebook Ads Jump-Start: This two-hour training can be done in-person or virtual, and is customized specifically to your business needs. Following our training, you'll also get a complementary 30-minute follow up with a member from my team to review your ads. Plus! Receive my step-by-step PDF guide that will walk you through creating a stellar ad from start to finish. Click here to read more.