Tracy Petrucci: Marketing Ideas Into Action: My Team

My Team

Tracy Petrucci - Owner and Founder
Tracy has a degree in global business marketing and has been growing the company since 2007. She enjoys surfing, rock climbing, spending time with family, and coffee.

Leesa King - Marketing Associate/Photography
Leesa has a masters in nutrition and is passionate about farmers markets, food as medicine, and marketing for the great local businesses in the area.

Jolynn Enz - Administrative/Marketing Assistant
Jolynn has a degree in architecture and has an impeccable attention to detail. She keeps busy with 2 young children and enjoys baking beautiful treats, strolling through flea markets, and of course keeping us on task!

Luke Petrucci - Tech + Gadget Guy
Luke helps our clients get comfortable using their technology correctly. From iphones to hard drive back ups, he's our guy. He is a singer/songwriter, backpacker, and huge contributor to raising his and Tracy's daughter, Olive!

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