Tracy Petrucci: Our Team

Our Team

Tracy Petrucci - Owner and Founder
Tracy has a degree in global business marketing and has been growing the company since 2007. She enjoys surfing, rock climbing, spending time with family, and coffee.

Leesa King - Creative Content + Facebook Ads Manager 
Leesa has a masters in nutrition and is passionate about farmers markets, food as medicine, and creating beautiful social feeds and create ads for our global clients.

Jolynn Enz - Administrative/Marketing Assistant
Jolynn has a degree in architecture and has an impeccable attention to detail. She keeps busy with 2 young children and enjoys baking beautiful treats, strolling through flea markets, and of course keeping us on task!

Luke Petrucci - Tech + Gadget Guy
Luke helps our clients get comfortable using their technology correctly. From iphones to hard drive back ups, he's our guy. He is a singer/songwriter, backpacker, and huge contributor to raising his and Tracy's daughters, Olive and Sage!

Katie Quackenbush - Content Manager
Katie has a degree in marketing and years of experience under her belt...and although she has worked with brands like NIKE and the UFC, we still simply can't get over her mastery of the art of the pun. She enjoys thrift shopping, cooking, and Instagramming about her dog.

More from the CEO, Tracy.
Once upon a time I ran a small business with my family.  I was in college studying global business marketing and had a great time putting to use all the theories of my classes, while experimenting with some of the newer methods starting to become popular.

After finishing school in 2006 and leaving my family's business, I began getting approached by some of the people I'd met along the way. Other businesses, vendors, and even a few customers started asking for my help with their blog, or assistance with creating an email marketing strategy, or how they could improve their website.

Fast forward a decade and I'm happy to say I've found my niche in building lasting relationships with businesses world wide. I'm growing a team of amazing creative go getters, and have honed in our skills to a set of services we have mastered and love.


I live in Carlsbad with my husband and two daughters, Olive and Sage. I don't wear pants suits, but I do wear blazers. You often find me drinking coffee or tea, heading out for a quick surf, or shopping at a farmers market. Doesn't get any better than this!

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