Tracy Petrucci: About Me

About Me

Once upon a time I ran a small business with my family.  I was in college studying global business marketing and had a great time putting to use all the theories of my classes, while experimenting with some of the newer methods starting to become popular.

After finishing school in 2006 and leaving my family's business, I began getting approached by some of the people I'd met along the way. Other businesses, vendors, and even a few customers started asking for my help with their blog, or assistance with creating an email marketing strategy, or how they could improve their website.

Fast forward almost a decade and I'm happy to say I've found my niche in building lasting relationships with the great small businesses in my area.

I understand first and foremost how hard it is to grow your business when you're busy operating and doing the day to day things that take precedence before you can concentrate on doing a Facebook Ad or creating Instagram. Most importantly, you miss out on seeing the results that come out of great marketing. In this day and age you need to have innovative ideas, and you need to put them into action or you'll get lost in all the clutter.


I live in San Diego with my husband and two daughters, Olive and Sage. I don't wear pants suits, but I do wear blazers. You often find me drinking coffee or tea, heading out for a quick surf, or shopping at a farmers market. Doesn't get any better than this!

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