Tracy Petrucci: August 2018

Monday, August 6, 2018

Case Study: How to Leverage Your PR Content With Facebook Ads

I love a good challenge! Although we have clients who provide us with amazing content to work with, often times ideas just keep on flowing and triggering us to go one step further. I love to raise the bar! Taking strategies and creative to the next level is one of my favorite things to achieve. 

I recently had a lot of fun creating a very successful ad campaign for client Rancho La Puerta, and I decided to share it as a mini case study so you can try something similar!

The Latest + Greatest
There are two ways we make sure we know everything going on in the world of our clients. We either work closely with the other agencies and teams to see their marketing calendars, or we're simply looped in on emails with press hits or interesting things of note. If neither of those apply, we still figure out ways to make sure we're seeing relevant things on our own. (Thanks Google Alerts and hashtags!)

One way I do this is to make sure I follow all hashtags related to our clients, so as I'm scanning my feed I easily can keep a pulse on what's going on, see organic content, and get ideas. One day I saw a gal posting the best captions about her stay at The Ranch. After reaching out to RLP, I discovered she was not paid, and was simply invited there by the PR team as a guest.

Soooo... Leverage that GREAT content!

The PR team did a stellar job setting up the perfect person to visit the Ranch. I immediately realized there was still some untapped potential here. There are definitely some people who would love to read about her experience, who are already warm to the ranch, but may not have been in this blogger's sphere of influence. Basically my thought is, "These are TOO good to just let slip by!" Essentially, I want to re-publicize, the publicity.

The Plan
I decided to drip out her posts to all retargeting audiences (so website visitors, email lists, page engagers, etc) but narrowed down to runners and fitness enthusiasts. Once these folks have seen her post about 2 times, I will roll out the next one.

The First Ad
This was the most eye catching photo, plus I wager a lot of people are unfamiliar with obstacle courses, so this seemed a relatable one to start with. Plus it does look kind of fun to imagine going up that wall on a rope, doesn't it?

 Here's What You Need to Know

1. You don't need a huge budget. I'm talking about being strategic, streamlined, and SMART. This ad is being shown to people who already know about RLP in some capacity, which means they're more likely closer to making a decision about visiting than someone who has never heard of it.

2. The ad obtained a 10/10 on the Facebook relevance score, which quite frankly I don't always use as a ride or die measurement... but I'm always proud of a 10/10 so might as well point it out.

3. People are already starting to comment and talk about plans to visit. (See below image) And I have the link going to the fitness section of their website.

4. This is collaboration at its finest. You can not always create something so authentically written, and her words are coming from an organic place about a real experience. This is simply the best of both worlds coming together, leveraging the excellent PR work, helping it reach more relevant people, while stretching my client's investments even more at the same time.

The Second Ad
I used her running clinic review as the next ad, once they'd seen the first one over two times.

The Third and Final Ad
The last ad was a recap of her experience, with some food for thought and a little subtle encouragement to visit. Facebook ads call for a very narrow landscape image, so I had to get creative because I really wanted to show her splashing in the pool. It wasn't as easy to crop in on this one as the first two ads, so I combined two of her photos into this one ad. On the Instagram version of this ad, I choose just the splashing in the pool picture.

This was such a fun campaign to create, manage, and monitor! I hope you can come up with some new ideas on how to make your press hits or influencer content reach more people, too. Thanks for reading!