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Friday, February 23, 2018

A Quiz Tool For Lead Generation

My team and I recently had the opportunity to work with Interact, a quiz and contest building tool for lead generation. For those of you who’ve tried to build these on your own, or simply don’t have time, let me tell you: this is a game changer! Not only was it incredibly easy to use, everything is totally customizable and can make your company look great without having to invest hours and hours of time on building, branding, and integrating the quiz.

While there is a contest functionality, which is just as easy to use, we worked with the quiz making tool, so that’s the piece I’ll speak to here.

First, you decide if you want to start from scratch or utilize one of their templates. We have several clients in different verticals that we wanted to make quizzes for, so we went ahead and used the templates for time efficiency.

From there, I was directed to over a dozen industries that they have made quiz templates for. For our client that works in the house cleaning industry we selected ‘Home & Garden’. I was then prompted to select one of three types of quizzes: Assessment, Personality, or Scored. All are quite similar to the other, but provide a different variety of how the quiz result is displayed. I tested all three before moving forward since you’re able to go through a sample quiz, and they all are equally impressive. 

After deciding on one of those three templates, I was able to turn on lead capture and easily set up the opt-in form, connect our email list, and map quiz data to the email list. Other features here include conversion tracking for Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics. (YAY! Because the more data the better!)

Further customizations are available with social share settings: what platforms we wanted to share on, custom share images, and totally editable social share text for the heading and subheading. I really like having this as an option, because we always want to make sure that content coming from an account expresses the voice of that specific brand.

Aesthetically, it was a breeze to customize the branding for various client quizzes. The text, images, colors, and logos are all customizable. All quiz content is also customizable and editable: from the title to the questions, options, answers, and results. So if we didn’t like one of the quiz options, or wanted to use a specific product name as a result, this is a simple edit.
Example of one of the social media quizzes we played with
BONUS! There is also an option to redirect results so that quiz results direct to a website or to any landing pages we set up for each result. All we need to do is paste in the URL's of the pages we wanted to redirect to. Another advanced option is the branched logic feature. This takes a little more time, but is still quite easy if someone has a specific path they want to take quiz takers on, that is available as well.

(Note: while you’re going through every step of quiz making/branched logic, there are directions and prompts to help you along the way!)

After the quiz (contest or poll) is deployed, data and reporting is available on a dashboard for each campaign that’s been created. For us, this is super key for relaying back to our clients, or for our own internal knowledge as we create strategies.

Our team loved this tool not only because it’s easy, fun and time-saving, but because it offers additional content for social feeds that is engaging, while also having the ability to capture leads and provide data.

Now the only question remaining? Which quiz will you create? Let me know how it goes!

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