Tracy Petrucci: February 2018

Friday, February 23, 2018

A Quiz Tool For Lead Generation

My team and I recently had the opportunity to work with Interact, a quiz and contest building tool for lead generation. For those of you who’ve tried to build these on your own, or simply don’t have time, let me tell you: this is a game changer! Not only was it incredibly easy to use, everything is totally customizable and can make your company look great without having to invest hours and hours of time on building, branding, and integrating the quiz.

While there is a contest functionality, which is just as easy to use, we worked with the quiz making tool, so that’s the piece I’ll speak to here.

First, you decide if you want to start from scratch or utilize one of their templates. We have several clients in different verticals that we wanted to make quizzes for, so we went ahead and used the templates for time efficiency.

From there, I was directed to over a dozen industries that they have made quiz templates for. For our client that works in the house cleaning industry we selected ‘Home & Garden’. I was then prompted to select one of three types of quizzes: Assessment, Personality, or Scored. All are quite similar to the other, but provide a different variety of how the quiz result is displayed. I tested all three before moving forward since you’re able to go through a sample quiz, and they all are equally impressive. 

After deciding on one of those three templates, I was able to turn on lead capture and easily set up the opt-in form, connect our email list, and map quiz data to the email list. Other features here include conversion tracking for Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics. (YAY! Because the more data the better!)

Further customizations are available with social share settings: what platforms we wanted to share on, custom share images, and totally editable social share text for the heading and subheading. I really like having this as an option, because we always want to make sure that content coming from an account expresses the voice of that specific brand.

Aesthetically, it was a breeze to customize the branding for various client quizzes. The text, images, colors, and logos are all customizable. All quiz content is also customizable and editable: from the title to the questions, options, answers, and results. So if we didn’t like one of the quiz options, or wanted to use a specific product name as a result, this is a simple edit.
Example of one of the social media quizzes we played with
BONUS! There is also an option to redirect results so that quiz results direct to a website or to any landing pages we set up for each result. All we need to do is paste in the URL's of the pages we wanted to redirect to. Another advanced option is the branched logic feature. This takes a little more time, but is still quite easy if someone has a specific path they want to take quiz takers on, that is available as well.

(Note: while you’re going through every step of quiz making/branched logic, there are directions and prompts to help you along the way!)

After the quiz (contest or poll) is deployed, data and reporting is available on a dashboard for each campaign that’s been created. For us, this is super key for relaying back to our clients, or for our own internal knowledge as we create strategies.

Our team loved this tool not only because it’s easy, fun and time-saving, but because it offers additional content for social feeds that is engaging, while also having the ability to capture leads and provide data.

Now the only question remaining? Which quiz will you create? Let me know how it goes!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Top 3 Reasons To LOVE Facebook Ads

Facebook: Not Always A Love Story

Ah February, the month of love.
Those of you who are avid readers of my blog may remember some of my struggles with Facebook: how it has grown and outgrown some of its original values, how distracting it can be (with, let's face it, some really terrible content), how organic reach slowly dwindled over time, how business owners became obsessed with their “number” and wanted to focus primarily on getting their page likes up, and so on.

However, here we are years later, and the one thing that continues to universally work for all of my clients? Facebook ads.

Why do I love them so? I’ve listed out my reasons into 3 main categories, and I'll also be doing a more thorough explanation on my Facebook LIVE video on February 6th, so make sure to tune in for specific examples and a Q&A opportunity.

Precision Targeting

When I studied marketing almost 15 years ago, the only options available for the most part were big budget, big business stuff. Think, billboards on the side of the freeway. The idea was to reach as many people as possible to try and reach the ones that mattered, or to influence the masses.

However now we can simply laser in on who our dream customer is, right from the get go. What a great use of ad dollars!

There are 3 different types of audiences you can make within your Facebook Ads Manager.

Saved audiences are those you create from scratch using Facebook's list of targeting options. These include things like demographic and psychographic characteristics, interests, behaviors, spending habits, and so much more. Examples: People who drive BMW, dog owner, mom of a toddler, job title realtor, and so forth. Basically you can try any combination of these things until you think you have qualified candidates to see your ads.

You also have the ability to make Custom or Retargeting audiences. This is really where my love for FB Ads shines. In addition to being able to track all actions on your website (website visitors, add-to-cart, leads, registrations, visits to specific web pages like "Contact Us," etc) you can also upload lists of people into an audience. So if you gathered email addresses at a recent event, and want to target those people with an ad in the future, you now have them in your assets manager. You can retarget people watching your videos all the way through, folks who engage with your posts, and lots of other good stuff.

Lastly, but certainly not of least importance, you have your Lookalike audiences. This is critical to finding people with similar interests, behaviors, spending habits, etc of those custom audiences you've already made. So, you can make a "Lookalike" audience of your Website Visitors audience, and Facebook will match similar people in that audience. Brilliant, right?

In short, here's a brief recap...

Saved Audiences - Put your own creative spin on finding your ideal buyers through Facebook's unique list of targeting options.

Custom (Retargeting) Audiences - Save all of your previous contacts, current customers, website visitors, those who have engaged with your business Instagram or Facebook pages, and so on.

Lookalike Audiences - Create audiences of brand new people with similarities to your custom audiences.

Total Control Over Your $ Money $

One the most AMAZING parts of marketing on Facebook for anyone, is there are no barriers to entry, budget-wise. And you control 100% of your money, all the time.

You decide → Over 12 kinds of ad objectives.

Change as you go → Ad not performing well? Try a new photo or a new audience.

No Commitment → Ad still not performing well? Turn it off. No waiting around and no need to blow through your whole budget just to find out something didn't work.

Secondary Ad Spend Cap → If you won’t be able to closely monitor your ads while they're running, set a lifetime spending cap for each campaign, so that ads will automatically shut off when that amount of money is reached. Think of it as a safety measure so that your ads don't go overboard.

Endless Creative Options

The third reason I love this kind of marketing is your endless ability to create ad copy and images that perfectly matches the audience you were trying to reach. Targeting moms? Use a photo that showcases motherhood. Speaking to people who have a job title of bartender? Call it out in the ad copy! Make people stop and resonate on your ad because it's so tailored for them.

Plus, with Facebook ads, A/B testing is a total breeze. Within the same ad set, you can try out multiple images, videos, headlines, ad copy iterations, and so on to identify the best performing combination of factors per audience. This means you can isolate the top performing ads, and turn off the rest, so your budget gets funneled to where you'll get the most for each and every ad dollar spent.

Right off the bat, you can see that the two ads above look similar, with only the main image as the alternate detail. When run against each other, it's likely that some audiences will prefer one over the other, in which case, if the primary objective of the campaign is to get clicks to your website, and one costs $0.67/click, and one costs $2.54/click, you'll get more clicks per every dollar spent by turning off the more expensive ad, and only keeping on the most cost efficient one.

So, there you have it! The 3 reasons I absolutely love working with Facebook Ads. I hope you try them out for your business, and if you have any questions, please bring them to my FB Live Webinar for your chance to ask!