Tracy Petrucci: How to Boost a Post for Just ONE Day

Friday, October 28, 2016

How to Boost a Post for Just ONE Day

There are many times when that blue boost button does actually come in handy. One of the best examples of this I have is when something needs to be shared with your fans only, and for a short period of time.

I've had three different clients in the past month alone, be up for some kind of award where community voting and participation is a must. In order to maximize the budget, I think it's best to make sure the people who already know you and care about you (and are likely to actually vote) have priority in seeing these messages.

When you hit BOOST, you can choose one day as the time limit. However it's never really just that day, it's 24 hours and it forces you to go out into the next day. That stretches your budget into a time when it won't be useful and you miss the chance to reach fans THAT day.

For example, "Last day to vote!" is something we just need to promote that day. When you choose the one day option, it bleeds into the following day where it's irrelevant. Here is the work-around to edit the promotion and make sure your money is being used on the right day.

Here is what you see when you boost a post for 1 day. I need the post shown on Oct 28th only. Of course, it's making me run through into Oct 29th.

Once you have boosted your post from your page...
  1. Go to your ads manager and you will see the promoted post listed out as active. 
  2. Click INTO the campaign and you will see your ad set. 
  3. Hover over the pencil and hit "edit ad set"
  4. Change the end date to the current day, end of day or night. 
  5. Hit save and you're good to go!

I hope that was helpful for those of you who have ever been frustrated by that issue!

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