Tracy Petrucci: PhotoSpark Podcast Special Feature

Monday, May 2, 2016

PhotoSpark Podcast Special Feature

This week I was invited to partake in a podcast with PhotoSpark. I've included their blog post on my segment below and if you'd like to listen to the interview, you can follow the link to their webpage here . . . Thank you so much for having me on your show, Julie, Kate and Ashley!
Episode 17 : Social Media Marketing | Tracy Petrucci
This week we are joined in studio by Tracy Petrucci, an expert in social media marketing! Tracy owns a small business marketing agency here in San Diego, so she is the perfect person to chat with about marketing your photography business online!
Brief Social Media Rundown 
  • Instagram– As photographers, we should take advantage of the fact that our job automatically gives us really pretty images we can post to social media… specifically Instagram! Most business owners aren’t so lucky! So we should definitely be posting consistently on Instagram.
  • Facebook– Facebook ads are SUPER valuable! You have a TON of control over your money when using Facebook ads, which make them a pretty affordable means of social media marketing. You can set a budget of $20 or so, try out a target market, and see how the ad is working! If after a few days you aren’t happy with the results, you can pause & change your ad to your liking until it works for you!
  • Pinterest– Pinterest tends to be a bit better for businesses who are actually selling something online…for local photography businesses it can help gain followers but it’s pretty tough to actually turn Pinterest posts into clients. However, it’s a great idea to share Pinterest boards with your followers on other forms of social media to remind them to book a shoot with you!
  • Newsletters– Email newsletters are super important to remind your clients that you exist! Consider including special offers or calls to action so readers will want to click on the links within your newsletter. Also, be sure to add a catchy subject line that will make people curious about what’s inside your newsletter so they open it!!
  • Twitter– Twitter is a GREAT way to supplement SEO. You might not see a huge return on investment from Twitter but it boosts your Google ranking quite a bit. Twitter’s search function is also great because you can search for your PERFECT client and interact directly with them, which can lead to clients & sales!

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