Tracy Petrucci: November 2015

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Social Media Lab NOW OPEN

All business owners deserve good advice and authentic direction, but sometimes it's hard to find. Commit to yourself you’re going to put in the time and work on your online marketing, and do it with expert help at a fraction of the cost.

What: This is a monthly recurring membership. It's a place to finish your newsletter, get feedback on a Facebook ad, schedule your social media posts for the month, write a blog post, or partake in any other marketing activities you want to master. You will have the opportunity to ask me questions, receive advice, get technical help if you’re stuck, and much more.

Why:  This lab is for you if you need a cost-effective way to get feedback on your marketing activities. You may feel like...
  • You need a marketing expert you can trust to chime in on your efforts
  • You aren't sure you're creating the right way (did I do something wrong in my Facebook ad or something?!) 
  • You're learning but not implementing
  • You're too busy to make time for your marketing
Who: Anyone who has a basic understanding of social media or email marketing. You may have consulted with me and know what to do, or been in one of my adult school classes, a free workshop, or are just a member of the business community in San Diego.  

Where: Hera Hub Mission Valley - First Wednesday every month - 9a to 11a 
Hera Hub Mission Valley - First Thursday night every month - 6p to 8p 
Hera Hub Carlsbad - First Thursday every month - 9a to 11a 

How: A recurring monthly meeting where you bring your laptop and your marketing goals. We'll have coffee, tea, and a short "goals definition" check in, and then it will be time to dive in and get to work. The cost: $49 per month.

The Deets: If you can't make your lab, you can make-up at another. The lab is only open to 12 people. To make it even BETTER, you will gain points every time you check in and receive awards when you reach benchmarks, such as a free consult, entry to a paid workshop, and extra services. You'll be rewarded for taking this seriously!

I am so excited about this and I can't WAIT to see you in the lab!
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