Tracy Petrucci: How to Grow Your Email List with Facebook Ads

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How to Grow Your Email List with Facebook Ads


In this session you'll learn how to grow an email list using a Social Campaign Email Capture Tool. See how to create a compelling offer, post it on your Facebook page,  and promote it with a Facebook advertisement. Facebook ads are one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to get your organization noticed, and are a great way to grow your list!

We love email marketing and we love Facebook ads. Social Campaigns brings together the best of both worlds! Learn what makes a great lead capture offer. Will it be a coupon? A free giveaway? A report you've put together on something industry specific? 

Then find out how to find your perfect niche target market on Facebook. What's the difference between "boosting" a post and a regular advertisement? You'll find out, plus learn tips on picking the best photos for your ads, how to word your advertisement for conversions, and much more.

Finally, once you have all these new email addresses, you need a follow up strategy! We'll tackle three different approaches on making sure you keep your new contacts in the loop and converting them to customers.

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