Tracy Petrucci: July 2015

Saturday, July 25, 2015

How do you learn?

I'm creating a course right now, and we were asked to complete a questionnaire to help us determine what kind of learning style we have. It's not the traditional one you always hear about either. It's really different, and I must say, very accurate!

There are so many courses I would like to create, but I think I want to start with one on Facebook Advertising. If you've ever read my blog posts about this you'll see how much I go on and on about testing them, experimenting, tweaking things, until they work like magic and are cost effecient.

Well you'll never believe what my learning style summary said!

"You have a strong preference for experimenting and testing ideas. These behaviors, identified in the 4MAT System as Type Three strategies, mean that above all else, you learn best by using down-to-earth problem-solving to make sense of ideas. You are, therefore very comfortable in situations which allow you to use strategic thinking and real life circumstances to test what must be learned. 

You are also particularly adept when what is to be learned must be judged for efficiency and implementation. Type Three Learners know immediately when something is workable. Most Type Three Learners thrive in environments where individuality, experimentation and accomplishment are valued. 

Because Type Three Learners spend endless hours actively "tinkering" and problem solving, it should be no surprise that they also excel when the task requires straightforward, objective thinking which results in a measurable product. In all endeavors where strategic thinking, personal forcefulness and task orientation are essential, Type Three Learners can be expected to prosper."

And now I know why I must enjoy the process of effective Facebook Advertising so much, and why people chuckle when I express how FUN I think they are.

Friday, July 17, 2015

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