Tracy Petrucci: June 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mix up your Marketing

For busy entrepreneurs or small businesses, it can be tough to introduce new systems when you're in your flow, doing your thing. For example, I like to do giveaways every month for my consumer product clients and I like the giveaway to capture an email address so they can be put into the marketing mix, nurtured, and eventually sold on something.

However from time to time you need to mix it up! Take Pinch Not for example, a safety product company aiming to save your children's fingers from being slammed in the door. Giving away a set of door bumpers each month is cost effective, manageable, and fun, and we've started a beautiful parent focused newsletter to send to those who opt in via the giveaway, and each month that list of subscribers grows. Capturing email addresses is a must. BUT what about those who don't want to put in their email address? There are always those who will, and there are always those who won't, and you can't write off email capture because you're worried some people won't put their email in because just as many will. For every dollar invested in email marketing there is generally a 44 dollar return. So don't get me wrong this is still a main goal for me and my clients.

But last month I decided to change things up. We did a tagging giveaway instead, and it was a huge success! A colleague of mine showed me this kind of giveaway last year and I've played around with it a few times. It seemed the perfect thing to try for Pinch Not and 463 comments, 32 shares, and 221 likes later I'd say it was a success!

The Facebook page also inadvertently received over 100 new page likes as well. This kind of giveaway is fun because so many new eyeballs are going to land on the company and their page. But once it's over, it's over, and you need another way to try and reach the same people to do your job as marketer. So what's the solution? Keep mixing it up and trying new things, but always integrate in core activities such as email capture. For now, for this particular company, I'm going to alternate giveaways each month, one month trying something new, and the next doing my standard email capture giveaway. This ensures I can keep growing the list but also find potential customers through their friends and the wonderful capabilities of social media! What can you try this month that's new? To try the email capture tool I use free for 60 days, click here.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Small Business Spotlight: Coastal Electrolysis

By Leesa King (As part of the Small Business Spotlight Series)

As a purveyor of quality, natural skincare products and services myself, I was naturally drawn to this business as well as the amazing business owner. It is refreshing to meet someone doing what they love, who has a true passion for the industry. Shawna Jacobs of Coastal Electrolysis is such a pleasure, that clients often become friends!

Here is the story of how she found her passion, and decided to create a business to share with others what she learned!

Shawna, what first got you interested and involved in the skincare industry?

It has been an interest of mine since my early teens - I suffered from acne, and it really took a toll on my self esteem.  I also suffered from excess hair growth (I’m Italian so It was probably passed down to me). I remember being in 6th grade and a boy telling me, “hey you have a mustache” and I was so embarrassed, I told my mom that I was sick and didn’t want to go to school the next day. As I got older I began to bleach and wax my unwanted hairs.