Tracy Petrucci: Catchy Headlines and What They REALLY Mean

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Catchy Headlines and What They REALLY Mean

Catchy subject lines have always been important. They need to convey something of importance or great interest, in a short sentence, AND with urgency. However the rash of trending HEADLINES right now across social media is driving me nuts.

Has anyone else noticed the trend I'm talking about? Today I saw this one pictured below, and even though I've been thinking about this topic for months, it finally prompted me to write this blog post.
With each article varying slightly of course, the formula goes something like this:

Something will shock you

They specify a number (like, you have to believe me, I said especially #14!)

It's unbelieveable

It's a total secret

What happens next will AMAZE you

I could go ON and ON. But here are some examples I just googled on the internet:

A Man Played Music Next For Elephants – What They Did Next Will AMAZE You! 

A Skydiver Is Knocked Unconscious in Mid-Air. What Happens Next Will Blow Your Mind.

Warning: Once You See These 21 Pictures, You Can Never, Ever Un-See Them. OMG.

These 29 People Learned About Gravity The Hard Way. How’s The Kid In #2 Even Alive?!

What I can tell you, is the articles are usually completely ridiculous, the number they point out is the same as all the other ones in terms of lack of importance, and it is a complete waste of time to even read them. Maybe some of the articles could be interesting. But they never EVER stack up to the hype of the headline.

I will say, at least the one photographed above is not as shallow as most of the articles with these misleading headlines, but the photos are random and I can not say I have any confidence in the captions or where they were sourced from. And I'm sorry, once I see these photos I'll NEVER forget them? I could have done without the one of Arnold Schwarzenegger all decked out in the US flag thank you very much.

Do these insanely desperate article headlines bother anyone else?

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