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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

MiraCosta Class Reviews

At the end of our MiraCosta Online Marketing class, we have the students write a blog post about their experience. Here are some excerpts I've pulled that reflect their thoughts... enjoy!

"My view of social media has changed dramatically. Before taking this class my only experience with social media was from social interaction, connecting with friends, and just mindless chatter. I never looked at these websites from a business standpoint or how I could utilize and integrate each site into my own social media marketing campaign. I learned the most through Facebook, using a business page, analytics etc. This was probably my most favorite one to experiment with because I have never had a business page before.  I think what I will take away from this class the most is the value of social media for business purposes and not purely a social based site(s). Also, what sites work best for what type of business you are trying to promote."

"Overall, I think this semester has been a great learning experience for business moves in the near future.  Even though my business was not real, I have learned many useful social media sites and tactics to use when I plan on starting a business. I loved this class because it let me have my own freedom.  I had all week to do my assignments when I had time and I had the freedom to write what I actually felt rather than a strict right or wrong answer.  I feel like this helped me learn a lot more because I was open to interpretation and did not fear getting the 'wrong' answer.  Lastly, I am glad I took part in this class this semester because business and technology are my passion and I was able to participate and effectively learn and pursue these topics in a school setting.  Thank you for teaching me and taking the time to read my thoughts and feelings."

"I chose to take this class to get better acquainted with social media as a way to advertise my wife's business. Although she is a conscientious and skilled tax preparer and immigration consultant, the economy and her lack of resources for marketing have kept her work flow stagnant over the last few years.
This class has taught me beyond the basics of various social media outlets, including what works, what doesn't for this particular business. I have determined which ones are too time consuming and which ones can be integrated across multiple platforms and so much more.

Overall, this class has been an excellent way to explore social media at a deeper level. It has helped me build an understanding of what the various platforms do and how I can utilize them both professionally and personally."

"Prior to this course I had attended several social media workshops and short one-day classes. I had a basic grasp on social media but this class has really opened my eyes to new venues and tactics that I had no idea were out there. Before this class I had only really used Facebook for social media advertising. During the semester I have noticed an impact on our viewers and statics on Facebook by using the analytics.  I also learned how to set up future posts which are extremely helpful when managing my time. This is also the  first time I used a Blog and now I feel more comfortable blogging. Another social media tool I plan to start using right away is Constant Contact for sending out my newsletters. I gained some wonderful insight for looking at my classmates blogs and some great ideas to increase customer interaction such as using coupons, contests, and other tools to draw people to our program.  Thanks for the great semester!  I learned such valuable information that I know will help market our program in a new variety of ways."

"My viewpoint on social media has definitely changed in the past 15 weeks. I came into this class with an open mind on social media and put what I have known aside for a little until this class was done. I have effectively learned how to find and promote business throughout social media. I really cannot be more thankful for the experience that I had during the time period of this class. Being on social media during this class made that experience so much better and also easier. I will use everything that I have learned while being enrolled into this class to help myself and others who may need help promoting their business through social media. It is an excellent class for everyone, no matter if you own a business or not."

"This class has taught me way more than I ever expected. I knew I was going to learn some new stuff and I was hoping to be able to apply it to our business. I had no idea the changes that would happen because of this class. We have completely changed the way we advertise. We will now only market to our specific customer demographic, people that we know are looking for an Electrician and are willing to pay for the best.

When Googling for an Electrician in our area, when class first started, we were found on the second or third page of Electricians. We are now number three on the first page! The results were almost immediate after building the Facebook, Twitter and Yelp accounts. We will absolutely continue at the same pace with our Social Media Marketing, or even pick it up in some cases, after class is over. We are so thrilled with the results from this class and have just loved all of the assignments and learning about all of the different Social Media Marketing options that are out there, especially the ones that are free.

Due to us being number three on the first page when searching on Google, we now have customers calling and saying they found us on Google. We have never had customers call us and say they found us on Google before. We have had such a great response and such great engagement with all of our assignments online. This class has been such a blast and I am sorry that it is ending."

"I have had the absolute best time being able to apply all of this work to an actual up and running business. I feel so lucky that my boss gave me the go ahead to put us out there all at once like that, but our reputation as a great company proceeded us and brought in so many people. We are so thrilled with it and so totally thrilled with this class. Thank you Tracy and Claudia, so much for all of your help and advice, it was really great and you guys did a great job. We are absolutely stoked with the results and we will continue to add to and improve our online presence."

"Through taking this class and working through the assignments, I now have a much better idea of how the various social media platforms integrate, and how they can be used together to optimize overall reach. There was so much I was unaware of before, from apps, and how they work in Facebook, to crowdsourcing, and, on the consumer side, to how using social media to vent any complaints or problems with a company may be the best way to get that company’s attention.
I have really enjoyed this class and learned a lot, and plan to continue to move forward and seek out knowledge.  Thanks to everyone in the class for all the great comments and camaraderie!"

"It's definitely been a great learning experience. Some of the exercises forced me to look into things that I'd resisted to before, some of it was pleasantly surprising, some of it reinforced my initial impression. I haven't changed my social media approach yet, I plan on doing it starting in January. I'm not sure exactly why, but I like the idea of having an official deadline, so new year, new marketing!

Also, thanks to the class, I can say I feel much more comfortable about trying out new platforms. In the worst case scenario, I find out it doesn't serve my purposes and I move on. I'd say that's one of the most valuable lessons from the semester: Don't be afraid to try."

"Thank you Claudia and Tracy for guiding us through the social media maze, and for pushing us outside our comfort zone every now and then. Thanks to all my classmates for your comments, posts, suggestions and questions.  I can positively say that I've learned something from each of you. Here's to great new marketing strategies, growing businesses and overall success!"

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