Tracy Petrucci: My Home Office

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Home Office

[Update - My current office is located at 8885 Rio San Diego Dr]

People always ask me if I work from home. I never know what to say, because I kind of do and I kind of don't.

My Window Tree
I don't really have a home office, but I do have a lovely table from IKEA in my bedroom that folds up and down when I do or don't need it, and it looks out at a lovely tree. I am very thankful for this tree, because it's much more beautiful to stare at than a wall, for example.

Having a toddler in the house is probably the biggest reason I don't really work at home. Both her, and my husband, can tend to be a bit distracting throughout the day, and I find myself getting interrupted with bothersome questions, or getting caught up in the tantrums, pool time, or other things that I really shouldn't be doing.

This leaves Starbucks, local coffee shops, Panera bread, and other various free WIFI locations. However with this comes its own slew of problems such as insanely slow internet (or sometimes not working at all), table hunting and stalking, driving, parking, and spending more money on food and drink then I would at home. These things add up to a lot of wasted time... time, as something I treasure dearly these days.

Then I have my days I visit clients, stop by their homes or businesses, and get to spend much needed face time with some of my favorite people.

So there you! I guess I kind of work from home. Lately I've been trying to do more of it, closing the door, and just hoping my daughter doesn't notice. I try to sneak into the kitchen for my meals, and sneak back into my "office" without detection.

It's a tricky business... but no less a position I feel completely grateful to have. But if you have any tips I would love to hear them!


  1. Say... I might have a place for you. ;-)

  2. Well I totally agree with you on that Tracy........ It was a great class this Thursday with you at Poway Adult School..... Thanks for all the info you gave in a short span of time..... I have done this myself making a small cozy section at c/d "Work Place" and it really helped me concentrating at my work, may it be "Accounting/Financial wizards or just edging my creative side" rather than wandering around libraries and places you mentioned.........As you see, I have just started blogging to venture new extensions of myself....... hopefully this path you showed will take us far...... looking forward to the next class :)