Tracy Petrucci: Email Blast Attack

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Email Blast Attack

Is there a new study out that says open rates are higher on Thursday afternoons? I just received so many emails that I just "CLICK CLICK CLICK" deleted them all. I've never noticed such an influx in email blasts, ever, and it compelled me to come to my blog.

Note to self, do not send an email on a Thursday afternoon.

What about you? Have you noticed a trend in email open rates? I used to spend a lot of time researching this, but at the end of day I realized there are many other factors that seem to rank more important than the time of day or week such as:

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1. The relationship between business and recipient
2. How well your lists are organized and how well-targeted the message is
3. How often you send emails in general

Sometimes I've mailed something at a random time on a weekend, or at night versus in the morning, and the most odd times often result in the best open rate. Some of my clients have exact times they send their newsletter, and their customers know and look for it each week. Other clients of mine are so off the cuff, they just send them when they are done, often as late as 10:30 at night.

Experiment and track your open rates depending on different variables and different times of day, and then you'll have a better idea of what your followers do.

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  1. Great post! As an email marketing "newbie," I researched online to find that magic day and time people would most likely open my email. Thursday was what I found. Um... I'll watch to see if my email box seems more cluttered on that day. Thanks so much for stressing that there are many factors as to why people choose to open an email. Frankly, any time to prospect and build relationships sounds good to me.