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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Facebook Insights: Demographics

Looking at your demographics can provide valuable insight to your marketing strategy. Facebook will share basic information with you, such as location, sex, and age. Looking at the demographics of those who LIKE your page VS those you REACH is the key to seeing if you are reaching your goals, especially if you're using Facebook Advertising and you want to see if you are reaching whom you set out to. I have a video where I explain this more in depth, so stay tuned and I will post it soon.

As you can see in the photo below, a page may have certain groups of people who like it, but may be reaching a different set of people. Outside of advertising, this is important in general. If you start a marketing campaign targeting your local customers instead of your national ones, or men instead of women at Valentine’s Day, looking at who you are reaching will tell you if you’re succeeding in reaching the targets of the campaign. Outside of that, it also tells you general information about who tends to be most engaged in your business. This will be good information to know if you have trouble nailing down your perfect customer, since those who interact most with your posts are most likely to be in this category.

What differences do you see in Page Likes VS Page Reach?

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