Tracy Petrucci: January 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Small Biz Tip: Move the "likes" on your Facebook Page

The top row of apps on your Facebook page is prime real estate.  You are only allowed four to show there, so I always advise customizing those to get the most of our them.

While I'll save some of my favorite apps for another post, I'll leave the easiest one for this round.

Move your LIKES off of there. They are already on the page right next to your profile picture.

Who cares how many likes you have? If you have only a few, maybe it will make you feel better to have them a little more discrete. If you have a lot, get over your ego!

There are plenty more important things to feature on that row that a number.

Note the likes are still listed under the business name. But now we can feature photos, Pinterest, a sign up for email, and events. 

To move apps around on the top row of your timeline, click the arrow to the right of your apps to show more, then hover over the corner of the app you want to move up to the top row. An edit box will open and you can simply select  "swap positions with" and you are good to go!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Classes

I will be teaching four courses this winter for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Tuesday Nights 1-15 through 2-26 6:00-8:30p at San Dieguito Adult School
Saturday Mornings 1-26 through 3-2 at San Dieguito Adult School
Details can be found here.
Wednesday Nights 1-23 through 3-6 at Poway Adult School
More info can be found here.
ONLINE at Mira Costa Community College starting 1-17
More info found at

To read more about these classes you can visit my UPCOMING CLASSES page here.