Tracy Petrucci: Small Biz Tip: Space Happy Facebook Posts

Friday, November 30, 2012

Small Biz Tip: Space Happy Facebook Posts

A very sweet student of mine allowed me to share this post with you. She has a brand new business and is starting to use Facebook for marketing. Just a quick tip: Don't press RETURN/ENTER too many times on your posts or valuable information will be lost "below the fold" of the post.

Facebook will cut you off and say "See More" so you'll want to make sure the most important information is viewable above that clip off. For example, Basic NV likes to show a large photo of a product and then put the link to by it in the body of status. However the link is hidden in this post, so less people are likely to click on it, and places them that much farther away from buying it.

Just be aware of how much text is in each post, and how you space it out.

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