Tracy Petrucci: Flavored Coffee

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Flavored Coffee

Oh, how could I have resisted the bright, cheerful holiday marketing of Dunkin' Donuts? There was Gingerbread coffee and Mocha Mint. And it looked so yummy, regardless my dislike for flavored coffee. In fact, last month they almost got me with the pumpkin spice. I mean, doesn't that look good? "Pumpkin Spice" . . . it's like I will brew it and magically have a creamy delicious 4 dollar latte in my own kitchen.

This time when the Christmas flavors came out, I caved in. And. . . well, it's just awful. It tastes like every other flavored coffee I've ever had, there's nothing special or magical about this one! It's going to have to be donated to a friend who likes this sort of thing. Any takers? The marketer was duped by the the marketing once again!

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