Tracy Petrucci: Small Biz Tip: Social Media Buttons

Monday, September 10, 2012

Small Biz Tip: Social Media Buttons

Many websites already have social media buttons on their home page, or possibly embedded on every page of their site. However if your business just recently started using social media, your website might be lacking these navigational helpers.

Quick tip: Always have your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, etc buttons where people can easily find them. This would be on your home page, your contact page, or even on the header or footer of every page on the site.

Be careful that the links actually work or are going to the correct places, especially if you are attempting to perform this upgrade yourself. And don't get carried away putting so many buttons that people don't even know where to go. Stick to your core accounts and the places you actually go, use, and stay up to date with.

There's no excuse anymore! Make it easy on your followers, friends, customers, and fans to stay in touch!

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