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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Marketing Classes Coming Up

I will be teaching two courses this fall for small business owners and entrepreneurs. One is held in Poway on Monday nights from 6-8p starting Oct 1 and one is held in Solana Beach on Tuesday nights from 6:30-9p starting Sept 11.

The classes are ideal for business owners who need either an introduction to online marketing methods and social media, or those who have working knowledge but need to learn strategies and new techniques to achieve different results.

Class description:

In this series we will cover ways to implement an online marketing strategy that can be altered and customized to fit each business. It will cover how to coordinate your message among the different social sites and with other types of marketing and advertising, and how to maximize efficiency doing so. After the introductory class, each session will start off with a lecture followed by a hands on workshop to give you the chance to practice the concepts we discuss and get real time help navigating any issues.

Each class is runs 6 weeks, and the San Dieguito Adult School has each session offered separately, or bundled together at a lower rate. The first session starts in September at the Earl Warren Middle School campus in Solana Beach. Details can be found here.  The Poway class is very similar and info can be found here.

Social Media for Small Business
Class 1 - A brief overview and introduction of marketing through online channels such as Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging, Email and more. In addition, this class will cover a few basic marketing principles such as the importance of branding and how to add a cohesive look to all your marketing materials.

Facebook for Business
Class 2 - Learn how to set up a page for your business, as well as learn tools and strategies to keep it fresh and interesting. We will cover ways to gain new fans, how to use Facebook advertising and how to analyze the analytics. This class will begin with a lecture followed by a hands on tutorial lab.

Twitter for Business
Class 3 - Learn how to set up a twitter page for your business as well as learn tools and strategies to create content and build lasting and important relationships. You’ll gain insight as to which strategy is best for you and your business and how to improve business with Twitter. This class will begin with a lecture followed by a hands on tutorial and lab.

Email Marketing
Class 4 - In this class you will learn why email marketing is an important part of a marketing strategy. You’ll see examples of successful campaigns as well as learn how to create a customized newsletter, promotional email and more. We’ll also be covering how to analyze the success of email campaigns.

Blogging for Business
Class 5 - Learn strategies for creating a blog for your business and how to optimize your posts for search engine rating.

Social Media Wrap up
Class 6 - In this class you will learn how to put all the tools from the session together and maximize your efficiency and productivity. You will learn the basics of organizing a campaign, a calendar, scheduling tools and more. There will be time at the end for any hands on questions and answers.

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