Tracy Petrucci: August 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

2012 Passat Road Trip Commercial

I am on vacation right now, a road trip in fact. We started the weekend off at a wedding in Malibu, worked our way up to San Francisco, camped up in the Redwoods at Jedediah Smith National Park, traveled up the Oregon coast, zipped (very slowly) over to Crater Lake, stayed a night in the super cute town of Ashland, and we're now visiting friends in Mt. Shasta.

We saw this commercial on our trip and we thought it was pretty funny! Especially because I love audio books and my husband hates them. Funny marketing VW, funny marketing.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Marketing Classes Coming Up

I will be teaching two courses this fall for small business owners and entrepreneurs. One is held in Poway on Monday nights from 6-8p starting Oct 1 and one is held in Solana Beach on Tuesday nights from 6:30-9p starting Sept 11.

The classes are ideal for business owners who need either an introduction to online marketing methods and social media, or those who have working knowledge but need to learn strategies and new techniques to achieve different results.

Class description:

Friday, August 3, 2012

How To Add A Pinterest Tab To Your Facebook Page

Thank you WooBox for the amazing and simple app that allows you to add a Pinterest tab (and actually all your pins too) to your Facebook page.

Just visit here and click Install Pinterest Tab and you can walk through the super simple steps in probably under one minute.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is It REALLY Spam?

Quick tip:

Be careful when marking SPAM in your inbox. Is it really spam, or are you just sick of seeing it, not sure where it came from, or forgot you signed up for it?

Come on, you know what real spam looks like. But when you rate an email as spam, it hurts the company's credibility, and sometimes the relationship with their email management system. If a company sends more emails than you'd like to receive, that does not qualify as spam.

Take a moment to see if there are options for which emails to receive and how often, or simply unsubscribe from them all. If you're getting tired of seeing them come in faster than you can read them, but don't want to unsubscribe, check your email settings and see if you can filter them through your inbox and into a separate folder to get to when you can.

On the flip side, as a business make sure you let people know how many emails they should be expecting when they sign up, and give them as many options as possible to help segment them into categories they care about.

Always be checking in on your email system's analytics to see which emails are getting unsubscribes and spam reports, and see if you can identify a trend to improve your open rates.

For me, it has been a spam-free summer!