Tracy Petrucci: Thank You Dear Clients

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thank You Dear Clients

It's been a really tough year in my world, but things are about to change starting on July 1st. I wanted to say THANK YOU to my clients who have stuck by me through marriage, moving, and having a baby. Somehow I've managed to grow my business while growing a toddler, with lots of early mornings, late nights, and quick hi and goodbyes to my husband while he passes through between his two jobs and college classes.

People have said they don't know how we do it... and there have been times where I've wanted to answer that I'm barely hanging on. But after a year of discussions on the matter, my husband has decided to quit his day job, watch our 18 month old Olive, and I'm going to work full time, growing my business once again.

I think it's going to be quite an adventure, but we'll both finally be working more regular hours and can create some normalcy in our lives. I feel extremely blessed... Now let's just hope my husband learns how to cook for Olive's sake ;)

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