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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Local Business: Diego & Son Printing

This post is part of my Small Business Saturday business profiling series.
Lordy, they're 40!
Recently I attended a San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce event which was held at Diego & Son Printing. What an absolute delight it was to tour the place. It's very impressive to say the least. . . not to mention it has the kind of story attached which is exactly why I love local businesses.

"A block away from Diego & Son Printing was an abandoned looking building with graffiti all over it. Betty Aguilera stopped by to talk to the muffler shop next to the abandoned building where they told her that it was not theirs and the owner of the building was Mr. Krasner who had his office down the street. Betty went over to his office and to ask if he needed help to paint the building because it was an eye sore on the community. He told her that he did not want to paint the building and if she was so concerned with how it looked that she should just buy the building.

She replied “I didn’t know it was for sale” and he said “it wasn’t but if you want to buy it I’ll sell it to you”. 

She immediately went to the shop to discuss this with Diego and Nicholas then went back to Mr. Krasner to let him know that they were interested in buying the building. They negotiated on a price and went to SBA for a loan and in 1986 they moved a block away to their new location."

When Betty and her husband retired in 2005 they gave 100% of the business to their children, Nicholas and Rebecca. Since then they've become a state of the art facility spanning 11,000 sq feet of pure printing bliss. You know what else? They are Forest Stewardship Council certified. My history as a sustainable retail buyer gives me the know how that this is a great thing to have! Congrats to them for being on the leading edge of printing with social responsibility.

My favorite thing about touring the facility was seeing the super old printing press set ups they still have. Seriously, beautiful!

Pic I took in 2012
Diego & Son Printing Grand Opening Party 1972. Betty and Diego Aguilera in front of their new press.

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