Tracy Petrucci: The Shops At Target

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Shops At Target

I was really excited to see The Shops At Target get rolled out. Once again, Target sets themselves apart from other big box retailers (and even farther away from Wal-Mart) by adding in another sophisticated touch to their product mix.

As a supporter of independent and local businesses, this concept helps bridge the gap between large and small companies. Let's be honest, it's not like Target is saving the world by picking a few cool companies and blowing them up, but it's a thoughtful step in the right direction, and it should speak directly to Target's hip and somewhat mindful customers.

One thing that disappointed me was how The Shops are organized. From the commercial, you hear a business owner say, "This little nook of Polka Dot will be in Target stores around the country." I immediately think about how cool it is to have a little corner of Target set up to reflect these brands in each department they belong. However the products within each brand are split up and spread around the entire store, and don't quite have the same charm and appeal as if they were merchandised together.

For example, Privet House has a small end cap display in various areas of Target, and I think it takes away from the impact and their brand by splitting their products up.

Target does do an excellent job of signage, I give them that, but I just wish they kept the products within a brand all together in one area.

Has anyone else enjoyed The Shops?

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