Tracy Petrucci: How To Promote Your Business On Facebook Without Annoying Your Friends

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How To Promote Your Business On Facebook Without Annoying Your Friends

If you're an entrepreneur with two Facebook pages, sometimes it can be hard to decide where to advertise yourself. Do you promote on your personal Facebook page, or your professional one? 

This problem is most commonly seen with those who grew their personal page first (musicians, people in the public eye, or even businesses who used the wrong format from the beginning) and have a split in their fans. Some of the friends are not fans, and some of the fans are not friends.

If you are thinking about creating a Facebook page for your business, but have already built up a rapport on your personal page, think hard about how to proceed. If you don't do a lot of self promotion, you might be ok to just keep adding friends as you have in the past with no need to change your strategy.
However if you do a fair share of self promotion, my first advice is to definitely create a place where you can promote yourself. Do this separately of your personal page, because even if you are a solo musician, a real estate agent, or some other kind of independent entrepreneur, there will still be friends who are just your friends, who don't want to see what you're offering. Your business may not interest them, but your personal life still does.

Make several announcements that you have created a business page and you'd love for supportive friends or fans to like it to keep up with your news and events. If you can offer a deal or promotion to get them to switch over to your page, even better.

Next, consider promoting less of your business stuff on your personal page. Even more, try not to double post your content on both of your pages because you are sure to have friends, family, and fans who are seeing both posts. It can be slightly annoying seeing the exact same post or slightly altered post from both of your pages, every time you have something to say.

For example:

JOE SMITH - "Mortgages are at an all time low right now. Come in for a consultation to see if I can help you refinance."

JOE SMITH SOLUTIONS- "Mortgage rates are lower than ever. Come in to see if you can take advantage of a refinance for your home."

There are exceptions to this, such as when you are having a really big special event, or you think the content you are providing is sure to be more interesting than only those in your industry or your customers would care about. Let's be real, you know what I'm talking about here. Do not double post mundane things or people will hide your posts and you'll reach less fans.

If you do have something to share with all, try using the SHARE function from the business page post. When you do this, the post will come up all in one area to your friends and fans, so those who are on both pages will not get bogged down. See example below: It's all in one nice, neat location, even though I'm showing the same thing to my business page fans, and my regular friends.
I know it's sad to think about all the people who have friended you who won't see your content, but if they want to know what you're selling, they will become a fan on your page.

Side note: Businesses who decided to create a regular personal Facebook page instead of a business page should create a new page before they grow their fan base any larger in the incorrect format. If people come across your business page in personal format, they can't share your page or posts, comment, or even participate in anything until you've approved a friend request. Chances are, they'll leave before they even bother asking.  Why do you want all your great content hidden or unavailable? Also, Facebook will delete these pages if they come across them, as it's against their policy to have a business acting as a personal profile.

If you're confused about anything I just said, feel free to contact me if you're having trouble deciding how to navigate the touchy waters of friends, family, and fans all in one place.


  1. I think it really depends on the business and the person's willingness to share. In my opinion, there are no rules. My friends are most definitely interested to see and hear about what I'm up to business wise or personal. I know I'm interested in knowing about theirs. I believe sharing is caring, and if someone doesn't care for my updates, facebook provides option settings for that. For example, as a writer normality is not a factor for an activity quite so strange as pushing words together and expecting people to listen to them. So I share on both pages and every page because as a writer, I want to share my words once, twice, and a third time while shouting to the world. That's just my style though, that's the beauty in our differences. I think that we live in a time where standards and rules don't really apply and we're all making it up as we go. ;)

    1. Definitely! The rules are whatever you feel is right for you. People are all so different, you never know what someone will want to see or not, and it's good to have options for everyone. It's one of the most general rules that in business social media, the more personal you can get, the better.

  2. One other after thought, although people can alter their settings to hide what they don't want to see, it's unfortunate when that happens because they are likely to forget they've done this and then you lose them completely. If you can tweak the method of promotion to where nobody feels the need to use their settings at all, you know you're doing a solid job. Although Daniela, you're doing a STELLAR job and people should be taking notes! I know I do!

  3. You're my inspiration lady! Great seeing you tonight at the BAG!