Tracy Petrucci: Branding Yourself- Are You Interesting?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Branding Yourself- Are You Interesting?

My new client is not the norm for me. He's a hardcore business man, a real estate investor to be exact. But when we were strategizing his new marketing plan, including his blog and its categories, I discovered something. . . outside of his business skills, this man is really interesting!

He took me outside and picked me two beautiful artichokes, an exotic papaya, swiss chard, kale, and soon to be, a pineapple. Turns out he's quite the organic gardener. He plays tennis, has awesome dogs, and holds a very extensive video collection of his scuba diving adventures.

When branding yourself, these kinds of things are golden opportunities to make strong and authentic connections with possible business partners. Adding a post about your latest scuba diving trip in between one about the real estate market and a recent remodel, can turn you from "just like everyone else" in your industry to a completely interesting and desirable candidate to get to know.

If you haven't noticed, businesses are relying more and more on real life, real time connections they can make with their audience. Take advantage of the ease and FUN of having a blog, and don't think you need to stick to your industry topics all of the time! If you're the face behind your business, go crazy. . . branding yourself is just as important as your business. Plus, if you ever change direction in your work, you'll likely have a strong following wherever you go. Here's a little bit more on the subject of getting personal in your blog.

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