Tracy Petrucci: The Fuss Over Facebook Landing Tabs

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Fuss Over Facebook Landing Tabs

When landing tabs and welcome pages started becoming popular on Facebook, I wasn't sold. I told my clients that honestly, I felt the default page of Facebook should be the wall, because that's where everything is happening. To land on a page that looks just like a website, with the whole corporate facade, just seemed to go against the idea of why you're using content driven social media in the first place.

I remember thinking the first thing I wanted to do when I landed on a welcome tab, was go to the wall anyway. I wanted to see what kind of activity was going on!

Of course as time went on, and studies and reports came out about how important a welcome landing tab was, I found myself conform a little, and I got used to seeing them and designing them. I always stayed true to the idea that they were not that great, but the numbers don't lie. . . they help conversation rates.

However the day has come where Facebook Timeline is taking over brand pages. No longer can your page send people to a default landing tab. That's right, so you better get back to making sure your wall looks engaging and interesting!

As a marketer I should be annoyed by this. But, my instincts always told me I didn't like it, so the change doesn't bother me that much. There are plenty of other changes that I don't care for however, but I'll save them for another day.

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