Tracy Petrucci: Green Monday

Monday, December 12, 2011

Green Monday

Online shopping is reaching new highs this year, with today being no exception. Green Monday is quickly becoming recognized as one of the highest volume days of online shopping. Some analysts even think Green Monday could surpass Cyber Monday soon.

While many retailers are afraid of pushing yet another big shopping day onto consumers, I personally think it makes more sense than Cyber Monday. After Thanksgiving weekend and all the hubbub, I really don't feel like doing much, including using extra brain power to compare shop online.

With Green Monday being the second Monday in December, we realize Christmas is really just around the corner, and if you are planning on doing any online shopping, you'll need to give things enough time to come in the mail.

If you're a small business, use this upcoming trend to your advantage by simply adding a one day promotion today. You don't even need to recognize the day as "Green Monday" or anything special. But knowing there's a trend of people doing a lot of shopping today, just go for it!

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