Tracy Petrucci: SEO Tip: Renaming Photos

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SEO Tip: Renaming Photos

If you are hoping to get more views to your blog, or bring awareness to your product mix, take a look at this quick reminder.

Always rename your photos before posting them to any social media sites.

Search engines pick up the names of the files you upload, so even though nobody can see the name, you will want to change the automatic file name your camera gives a photo to something descriptive.

For example if you are selling a new fabulous jacket in your store and you take a picture of it on your model or mannequin, name the photo in detail. Don't stop at "NewJacket" but rather call it the brand name and style even. People searching the Internet will find your photo among the others in their query.

If you also use the same descriptive words more than three times in the body of your post, and in the title, the chances your post or product will be discovered will increase even more.

Case and point: I recently uploaded a photo of a new wine one of my clients is carrying. Because the label was appropriately named, the visitors to their blog spiked way up when people around the world were searching this very wine. Click on the photo below to see what I mean.

I know, it's one extra step. But take a few moments and you may drastically help the visibility of your brand.

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