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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Facebook Events Layout

Facebook has a new layout for events. Have you noticed by now?

One of the most interesting changes is instead of the previous "Attending" option, you now have the option to JOIN in lue of essentially saying "Yes, I'm attending."
Join the event? Will this make people less timid about choosing the yes option, even if they are not serious about going? If you're looking to spread the word and don't care too much about actually counting real rsvp's, this could be an advantage. However when you say Decline, the event drops off the radar, so even if you change your mind or want to check it out again, it will be gone from your events page.

And unfortunately you still can't click on an event image to make it larger, and organizations often fail to recognize this. Don't bother to upload a fancy flyer of your event with all the details, nobody will be able to see it. I usually opt to add an interesting or intriguing photo there instead, and place the detailed flyer image right on the wall of the event. This way people can click on it, enlarge it, and actually see it. Plus, this enables people to be able to share the photo on their own walls, in a message, or on other people's newsfeeds.

If you're having trouble figuring out how to share the event on your wall now too, just remember you can always copy and paste the whole link from the address bar right in to your status update.

Happy Holiday Event Hopping!

Check out this drink here.
I also liked Event Manager Blog's post describing a few other changes to the layout. Click here to read it.

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