Tracy Petrucci: Extra Clicks Are A Marketer's Nightmare

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Extra Clicks Are A Marketer's Nightmare

I was updating my post about the new event layout on Facebook when I realized this information warranted its own post! If you're unsure what I'm referencing check it out.

Here is one more update to the events layout, albeit one I particularly am not fond of.

You used to be able to see all of the details of the event on the page. No extra clicking required, which for a marketer is VERY important. The more clicks someone has to perform, the less likely your message will get across because the reader won't bother taking the extra step. Now the page cuts off your message pretty quickly, resulting in the words see more in tiny print.

My advice is to space the message so the most important things are at the very top, and that a sentence gets cut off mid way to the see more, versus just ending cleanly which could be misrepresented as the end of your message.

See below photo for an example of this.

I dislike having to squish things together, and I am a fan of spacing and blocking separate ideas in different paragraphs. However in this case, make sure your viewers know there's more to read, and are a little intrigued to keep reading!

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