Tracy Petrucci: Blockbuster Targets Netflix Customers

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blockbuster Targets Netflix Customers

So the news it out: Netflix is reversing its decision to separate streaming and dvd rentals. I honestly didn't care about the split (read my post on Qwikster) so I am not necessarily moved by the news. On to more interesting things...

I noticed Blockbuster is targeting Netflix customers with a special deal just for them.

For one disc out at a time it costs $9.99, just about the same thing I pay for Netflix and my beloved red envelope. So why would I change?

The extra benefits I see include in store swap outs and blue ray included. However BOTH of the Blockbusters near my house have closed recently, and I don't own a blue ray player yet.

Just yesterday I was having a hankering for What About Bob. I tried Blockbuster Express, the Redbox competitor. I heard they had way more movies to offer, but don't get your hopes up, it was still dismal.

After feeling defeated, I realized I could easily just rent the move in Itunes for the same price as picking it up in person. I still have not gotten used to that idea, I keep defaulting to thinking I'll just pop into the nearest video store to satisfy my instant desire for a movie.

We are moving in a direction from tangible to intangible, and I guess it still makes me uncomfortable.

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