Tracy Petrucci: No More Netflix

Monday, September 26, 2011

No More Netflix

When I received the email that Netflix was becoming Qwikster, I was kind of upset. Then after a little while I realized I'd get over it and I'd soon forget the difference (minus the super cheesy spelling).

Just like Ceo Reed Hastings said, we have come to love our little red envelope. So to appease us who are attached to the excitement of receiving our traditional Netflix package, the Qwikster's will also be arriving in the cheery red color we anticipate. He also said that streaming and dvd rentals are two totally different things. And he's right!

Why do I care if I sign on one site to order a movie, and a different site to watch something streaming? You rarely do those two things at the same time anyway.  And just as I'm sure they're hoping, over time I'll totally forget that Qwikster was ever Netflix. No big deal, why is everyone having such a hard time with this?

Anyway my actual reason for writing the post was because I had an interesting thought. Do you think the little hole in the red envelope is so people can peek in and see what movie is inside? Do you think it might help stop people from stealing the movies?

Once before I was a subscriber, I got a Netflix in my mail box.  I can't lie, I was curious what was inside of it, so I peeked. Civil War History Channel something or other. Hhhmm no thanks.

NOT to say I'd have opened it, watched it, and sent it back, but you never can tell. It made me think. If it hadn't had a little hole for me to look through, would my curiosity have gotten the better of me? Probably not, but it makes me wonder if Netflix has questioned this same thing and if that is why it's there.

Otherwise it's probably there for a much less romantic reason, such as providing a way to scan it in even quicker at the post office. Yeah, it's probably that.

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  1. I think the little hole is so that the post office can scan it in and let Netflix know whose movie is coming back. The bar code fits perfect when you put it in a certain way. However, it seems there is no instruction to do so (I just noticed how it worked out that way) maybe you get your next movie faster if you do it - compared to those who do not put the movie in with the bar code showing.