Tracy Petrucci: September 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

No More Netflix

When I received the email that Netflix was becoming Qwikster, I was kind of upset. Then after a little while I realized I'd get over it and I'd soon forget the difference (minus the super cheesy spelling).

Just like Ceo Reed Hastings said, we have come to love our little red envelope. So to appease us who are attached to the excitement of receiving our traditional Netflix package, the Qwikster's will also be arriving in the cheery red color we anticipate. He also said that streaming and dvd rentals are two totally different things. And he's right!

Why do I care if I sign on one site to order a movie, and a different site to watch something streaming? You rarely do those two things at the same time anyway.  And just as I'm sure they're hoping, over time I'll totally forget that Qwikster was ever Netflix. No big deal, why is everyone having such a hard time with this?

Anyway my actual reason for writing the post was because I had an interesting thought. Do you think the little hole in the red envelope is so people can peek in and see what movie is inside? Do you think it might help stop people from stealing the movies?

Once before I was a subscriber, I got a Netflix in my mail box.  I can't lie, I was curious what was inside of it, so I peeked. Civil War History Channel something or other. Hhhmm no thanks.

NOT to say I'd have opened it, watched it, and sent it back, but you never can tell. It made me think. If it hadn't had a little hole for me to look through, would my curiosity have gotten the better of me? Probably not, but it makes me wonder if Netflix has questioned this same thing and if that is why it's there.

Otherwise it's probably there for a much less romantic reason, such as providing a way to scan it in even quicker at the post office. Yeah, it's probably that.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Blogger's Makeover

I'm a blog minimalist by nature, but even Google's blogspot blogger was too simple for me to recommend to my clients. . . until now.

Most people recommend Wordpress as their blog of choice due to its customization abilities and great plug ins. BUT I never do because I want them to have something simple enough to update and change around themselves.

And even though Typepad has a monthly fee, I used to recommend it because it offered things most other blogs didn't, such as built in analytics and Seo optimization. But blogger's stepped it up, finally. And it's free!

Here are the best things about the new Blogger:
  • Ability to split a post and create a "read more" link
  • Big white space to write in, not a tiny window
  • Ability to upload all pictures for the blog at one time
  • Ability to schedule posts
  • Built in analytics
 It's not perfect, but it's definitely one of my favorite blog platforms now, and the updates have allowed me to start using it again myself!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Hand That Guides The. . . Cucumber

Today I was faced with a decision. Organic cucumber or regular? I usually opt for the organic one since all the vitamins are found in the skin (thanks professor Hamerly for setting me straight) and I can feel better about leaving them on when it's organic.

In the check out line I noticed the cashier rang me up for a normal one. Hmmmmm. What to do? It's only about a 60 cent difference, would the grocery store giant really notice? My first instinct was to let it slide. But then I realized I wanted my dollar to make an impact and reflect the demand for more local and organic produce. Damn, honesty prevails.

I spoke up, "Oh, you rang me up for a regular cucumber, and I bought an organic one."

He gave me a look that eluded I was about to receive the best news of my life, "That's ok," with a little wink and smirk.

"Well, I was just thinking that the grocery store should know."

"They've been kind of mean lately," he trailed off. So it's my lucky day!

I guess he didn't realize I wanted that cucumber to mean something more. Do you tell the cashier when they've forgotten something or made a mistake? Does the employee ever care?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Big Idea: Crumpled City

I like to think I'm pretty clever at times. But I still fall victim to the frustration of folding a map. The lines are already there, why can't I just follow them?

This is one idea I came across that I just can't pass up. Crumple maps! Just crumple it up when you're done, and stuff it in your bag. Wohoo, that's my kind of organization.

Oh yeah, they are also totally weather proof so feel free to bust it out and use it as a make-shift umbrella or spill your coffee on it. Bon Voyage! To learn more read all about them here.